About Us

G & S Packaging is one of the manufactures of the up market quality disposing catering and food packaging products for UK and the rest of the worldwide markets. Over the years, since the company has started it has always tried to grip the packaging market spread it name across the nation.

The company has built its reputation throughout the years from its incredible customer service and the guaranteed product satisfaction. We have been proven to be such reliable suppliers with over 2000 Product ranges, we can delightfully advice and offer you the product which suits you best, for your purpose.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a unique cost effective solution to your food packaging needs. Our products are always thoroughly checked due to our strong hygiene policy as we assure you our quality is of a best standard possible.

Own Label Printing & Packaging

We can supply your company with multi-colour promotional printing with your own design or logo on all plastic, polystyrene and paper products from our standard stock range such as napkins, containers and bags.

For a more superior product we can emboss lids with your logo.